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Principal's Message

Historic Morningside High School celebrates our 69th birthday this year in service to the community!!

Welcome to Morningside High School where our goal is to provide high quality instruction, intervention and enrichment perfectly matched to individual  student needs. During this pandemic our staff has adjusted and entered a cycle of continuous improvement in the delivery of instruction to our students.  Rest assured that  Our new programs will provide multiple opportunities for our dynamic teaching teams to meet regularly  to deepen our practice of guiding the learning.   Our targeted Success for All Learners Plan is rooted in the philosophy that all students can and will learn in a differentiated teaching environment that allows students to have the support  they need.  This support means that student progress will be closely monitored by staff, and adjustments to the learning process will be made based upon the data from that monitoring.  Even our school budgets are being adjusted to coincide with our goals! This process will allow us to focus not only on what we are teaching (state standards), but more importantly, the degree to which our students have reached their goals on the road to mastery.

When mastery is not reached, our Response to Intervention (RTI) model will provide multiple, extended learning opportunities that are based on student need. Teams may select to re-teach, team-teach, tutor, or assign students to intensive, targeted intervention with the ability to cycle out once mastery has been reached.

 Our staff is highly focused and on a mission of maintaining high expectations for both themselves and our students.  

 Once again, on behalf of Team Morningside (staff, students, parents, community), I welcome you and invite you to join us as we embark upon a steep trajectory towards the top.


Doug Howard-Interim principal