Important Upcoming Events

Attention MHS Students,
Please take a look at the Big Future Day College Fair that is being hosted by CollegeBoard. Below is a registration link for the event that will take place on Tuesday, March 30th. This is a great way to start finding out information for colleges you may be interested in that are located in different regions of the country. This is open to all grade levels so please take advantage!
Reach out if you have any questions
ATTENTION MHS 11TH & 12TH Graders;
Please take advantage of the amazing opportunity to complete EL Camino Courses and recieve Dual Credit Online.  Attached you will find the EL Camino Dual Enrollment Application and informational fliers.  Please keep in mind that students must log in to to enroll as a student first. 



El Camino College and Inglewood Unified are partnering to offer IUSD students early and FREE access to college and career preparation.  Textbooks and required materials are provided and dual enrollment college classes are free for high school students.  


K-14 Career Pathways are a two-year sequence of dual enrollment college classes that lead to a college certificate, associate degree &/or university transfer in a high demand career field.  Students who start college in high school save money, finish their certification/degree quicker, and get early career exposure to the industry.   


El Camino is accepting NEW students for Spring 2021 in two K-14 Career Pathways.  Open to 11th & 12th graders ONLY!  Priority applications are due Tuesday, December 15th.  




  • ONLINE HYBRID CLASS:  Child Growth & Development (CDEV 103). - meets online 1x per week on Tuesdays at 3:30pm with self-paced assignments, discussions & activities. 
  • ONLINE HYBRID CLASS:  Introduction to Automotive Services (ATEC 1) - meets online 1x per week on Tuesdays at 4pm with self-paced assignments, virtual demos & activities. 
Representatives from El Camino are available to do online presentations in your classes.  Presentations can be customized to the amount of time you have available and includes information about:  (a) Workforce & Career Trends; (b) El Camino CTE programs; (c) K-14 Career Pathways program; and, (d) how Dual Enrollment works.